Marc Berner

Marc Berner chose one of the finest accompanists for this project. Mike Gerber's determined dedication to his craft over the years I have known him has propelled him to the top of the world of jazz pianists. While Mike was attending the University of Miami he would memorize a Rachmaninoff Concerto by playing four bars on his reel-to-reel, pause it, play it on the piano, then start the next four bars and play them, repeating this process until he had the whole piece memorized. Indomitable.

 Marc Berner is a talent fresh on the doorstep of the jazz domain after performing in many other improvisational styles. I found myself surprised and delighted at discovering that he is a composer and singer of such interesting songs.

I think you will enjoy Marc's vision and Mike's virtuosity.

                                                                                                                - Ira Sullivan