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Dave Feder Quartet

Morada Bay, Route 1, Islamorada, Florida

Enjoy the Latin flavored music of Dave Feder at the deliciously relaxing outdoor Morada Bay. The sunsets are stunning and I'll be playing a lot of flute. Hope you can make it.


Betan and Berner

Fritz and Franz Bierhaus, 60 Merrick Way, Coral Gables, FL

Look forward to seeing YOU there!



The Fish House, 10000 SW 56th St., Miami, Fl

Looking forward to seeing YOU there!

 The river of jazz has many streams. It can swirl into fast, scary rapids that make your head spin or it can mellow into golden ripples where your spirit feels suspended between heaven and earth and you never want the music to stop.

 Marc Berner's newest album is mellow and easy to listen to, filled with pleasing sounds including a warm, burry voice that surprised Ira Sullivan, who knew of Marc's work on c, alto, and bass flutes, as well as soprano and tenor saxophones, but wasn't aware that he also sang.