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Dave Feder Quartet

Morada Bay, Route 1, Islamorada, Florida

Enjoy the Latin flavored music of Dave Feder at the deliciously relaxing outdoor Morada Bay. The sunsets are stunning and I'll be playing a lot of flute. Hope you can make it.


Betan and Berner

Fritz and Franz Bierhaus, 60 Merrick Way, Coral Gables, FL

Look forward to seeing YOU there!



The Fish House, 10000 SW 56th St., Miami, Fl

Looking forward to seeing YOU there!

Marc Berner chose one of the finest accompanists for this project. Mike Gerber's determined dedication to his craft over the years I have known him has propelled him to the top of the world of jazz pianists. While Mike was attending the University of Miami he would memorize a Rachmaninoff Concerto by playing four bars on his reel-to-reel, pause it, play it on the piano, then start the next four bars and play them, repeating this process until he had the whole piece memorized. Indomitable.  Marc Berner is a talent fresh on the doorstep of the jazz domain after performing in many other improvisational styles. I found myself surprised and delighted at discovering that he is a composer and singer of such interesting songs. I think you will enjoy Marc's vision and Mike's virtuosity.                                                                                                                 - Ira Sullivan                                                                               ”